Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

How do I apply to go to RYLA?
How do I get to the RYLA Seminar?
What do I bring to RYLA?
I am going to RYLA alone and do not know anyone. Will everyone else know one another?
Does RYLA cost me anything?
What type of accommodation will I be staying in?
What kind of activities do we do at RYLA?
I understand that RYLA is a drug and alcohol free seminar but can I smoke cigarettes?
What type of people are chosen to attend RYLA?
How many other young people attend the RYLA seminar?
I can’t attend the whole seminar due to other commitments – can I attend part of the seminar?
RYLA a whole week off work and away from friends and family – should I commit?
What are the benefits to my employer if I attend?
Why have I been nominated to attend RYLA?